808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Handpiece

808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Handpiece

808nm Glass Lens Infrared Laser Line Generator

808nm Glass Lens Infrared Laser Line Generator

808nm Multimode Fiber-Coupled Laser

808nm multimode fiber coupled laser system gets wide range high output power of 1W to 30W, providing high reliability and high efficiency fiber coupling 808nm infrared laser source. It is featured by compact and durable structure, providing ideal infrared laser source for those of prominent lab, institute, and research for various laser medical use, material processing, night vision, security, scientific research experiment etc.

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808nm multimode fiber coupled laser system is integrated from any existing 808nm infrared diode laser, forming into a high fiber coupling efficiency 808nm infrared laser source with different fiber core diameter. Equipped with specialized protection from static electricity, overcurrent, and overheating, 808nm infrared fiber-coupled laser source can achieve up 10,000 hours operating serving lifetime, applicable for all global environments stably.

Key features:
● High stability and high stability 808nm fiber coupling infrared laser source supply
● High efficiency fiber coupling performance
● Good beam uniformity and good linear analogue
● Applicable for laser medical use, Biochemical Analysis, Solid-state laser pumping, safeguard and night vision etc

Technical data:

Item 808nm Multimode Fiber-Coupled Laser
Wavelength 808±3
Output power (W) 1W, 2W, 3W, 4W….30W
Output power adjustment(mW) 0-MAX
Spectral width(FWHM)(nm) <2
Spectral width(90%energy)(nm) <5
Power stability(over 4 hours)(rms) 1%, 3%, 5%
slope efficiency (W/A) >0.95
electro optic conversion efficiency(%) >40
Working mode CW, TTL, Analog
TTL modulation 30KHZ
Analog modulation 30KHZ(0~max output when 0-5V signal input)
Supply Voltage(AC)(V) 85~265
Cooling mode TEC&FANS
TTL/AS Modulation frequency(KHZ) 30
LED show Output current value
fiber core diameter (μm) 105/200/375
Numerical aperture(NA) 0.22
Connector SMA-905
working temperature(℃) 10-40
Heat dissipating capacity(W) 15
Warm-up time (minutes) <5
Serving Lifetime (hour) 10,000
Warranty period 1 year


Berlinlasers accepts customize 808nm fiber-coupled infrared laser dot, laser line and reticle lasers, and OEM lasers on basis of customers' requirements. All 808nm fiber-coupled laser sources can be customized. For any OEM laser and inquiry, please feel free to contact us via email support@berlinlasers.com

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