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660nm Red Dot Laser Alignment

660nm Red Parallel Line Laser Module

Available with less brighter red laser beam emitting as 635nm red laser, 660nm red parallel line laser module fulfills moderate level of accuracy and precision parallel line laser alignment and configuration tasks as well as its economic cost. The design of 660nm red parallel line laser takes full consideration of thermal stabilization, reliable 660nm red laser diode with qualified glass cylindrical lens, providing users the most stable and reliable red parallel line laser source for all industrial laser used fields.

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Generating parallel line laser source directly from 660nm red laser diode, red parallel line laser module always gets good performance in all kinds of industrial parallel line aligning work fields. Integrated with qualified glass cylindrical lens, intellectual feedback constant current driving circuit board, and metal heat sink cooling system into anodized aluminum housing tube, this compact designed 660nm red parallel laser alignment gets a high level of alignment precision use by prominent researches centers and construction projects.

Key features: 

Multiple parallel line patterns available, 5 parallel lines, 25 parallel lines, customize parallel line is acceptable as well.
Beam adjustable focus design provides easy adjustment of parallel line laser pattern, increasing red parallel line laser alignment accuracy and precision perfectly.
Compact size design, available with 12mm*75mm, 16mm*75mm, 38mm*160mm
Wide collection of output power range: 5mW-1000mW
Rapid red parallel line laser source targeting onto work surface, time and laser power saving, no environment pollution.
Stable and reliable parallel alignment, up 8,000 hours serving lifetime.

Technical Data:

Item Parallel Line Laser Module
Wavelength 660nm
Projection Type 25 parallel lines, 5 parallel lines
Output power 5mW, 10mW, 20mW, 50mW, 80mW, 100mW
Laser Safety Class Class IIIa, IIIb
Fan angle 0.02mrad
Beam Diameter at Aperture 8mm, 20mm
Laser Dimension 12mm*75mm, 16mm*75mm, 38mm*160mm
Laser Power Supply DC5 V, DC12V, DC24, AC90-220V
Serving lifetime more than 8,000 hours
Warranty Period 180 Days


Direct emission 660nm red parallel line laser module get wide applications in long distance tunnel through positioning, bridge cranes, paper mills, roller and web handing system, steel mills, aligning tracks and guide rails, material handing rail cart systems, alignment sprocket and drive system, and many other special occasions.
660nm red parallel line laser is also a monochromatic light source, available with high degree of parallelism for industrial version and other industrial automation perspective, teaching experiments etc.

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