850nm-1300nm laser safety goggles

850nm-1300nm Laser Safety Goggles

850nm-1300nm Laser Safety Glasses

850nm-1300nm laser safety glasses gets comfortable and durable frame design, mainly workable for eye protection work for 850nm to 1300nm infrared laser devices with laser safety classes of Class 3R, Class 3B, and Class 4. The adoption of polymer material and IR laser light absorbing material can greatly reduce eye damage or prevent danger caused by super intense IR laser radiation and reflection efficiently. This green lens infrared laser safety glasses also accepts customize made for different myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia etc.

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850nm-1300nm laser safety glasses makes sure of the most professional eye protection from powerful infrared laser beam emission and avoids eye explosion to 850nm to 1300nm infrared laser wavelengths, reducing serious hazards during IR laser operation in industry, military targeting work, education, lab experiment and medical treatment etc.

Featured characteristics of laser safety glasses for 850nm-1300nm infrared laser systems O.D. 4+ CE certified:

● Excellent eye protection for operation of multiple infrared laser systems, ND:YAG lasers, and diode lasers with selectable wavelengths of 850nm, 910nm and 980nm.
● No selection of infrared laser light source, preventing all 850nm to 1300nm wavelength infrared laser radiation, reflection, and diffuse light efficiently.
● High light decay rate, and super rapid IR laser light reaction within 10-9 seconds.
● Laser safety glasses meets all demand of standard of CE, and EN207: 1998 + A1:2002 compliant.
● Laser lenses scratch does not affect IR laser light safety and optical density of the lens.
● Comfortable and good appearance laser safety goggles frame, safe and reliable.

Caution with 850nm-1300nm laser safety glasses:
Do not look directly into 850nm to 1300nm infrared laser beams. Laser safety glasses provides full direction eye protection from infrared laser radiation and reflections, and prevents deviation and base diffuse of infrared laser energy. The maximum IR laser light pointing time should be controlled within 10 seconds.

● Keep the laser safety glasses stored in their protective case when not being used.
● Put the laser safety glasses in area where storage temperature not exceed 27℃.
● Discard while there is effect by damage, fade or scratches
● Clean with a 91% isopropyl alcohol and wide with a cotton swab.

850nm-1300nm laser safety glasses is marked "850nm-1300nm O.D 4+ CE" on filter. Do be cautious with any power infrared laser systems.

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