Night Version 1470nm 100mW to 1000mW Infrared Line Laser Modules

Night Version 1470nm 100mW to 1000mW Infrared Line Laser Modules

Adjustable Fineness 1470nm 100mW to 1000mW Infrared Laser Line Generators

Long wavelength invisible beam 1470nm 100mW to 1000mW infrared laser line generator only allows profession use under night version equipment and constant power source supply. Durable and ultra compact designed 16mm or 26mm diameter tube infrared laser module makes quick response, good direction, high stability infrared line measurement for all night version application fields.

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Adjustable focus optic lens designed 1470nm infrared laser line generators enable high concentration and high photoelectric infrared laser light source emission, efficient conversion of increasing fineness and accuracy infrared line projection in distance. After proper use of output power and fan angle optic lens, 1470nm infrared laser modules keep work with no mistake, noncontact and no track line alignment constantly.
Key features:
Import 1470nm infrared laser diode with metal heat sink cooling system, APC, ACC driving circuit board keeps work with increasing laser beam stability and up to 85% beam stability and long lifetime.
5V, 9V 1000mA AC/DC adapter enables constant and high photoelectric infrared laser light emission, and infrared line projection, no light decay or dim.
Durable and ultra compact 16mm or 26mm diameter metal housing tube allows easy installation, quick response infrared line projection.
Adjustable focus optic lens gets immediate infrared laser light concentration and the finest infrared line alignment in distance.
Technical data:

Item Infrared Laser Line Generators
Wavelength (nm) 1470nm
Output power (mW) 100mW, 200mW, 300mW, 500mW, 1000mW
Available Fan Angle(degrees) 10°, 16°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 50°, 60°, 93°,110°
Laser Class IIIB, IV
Beam thickness at aperture (mm) 10cm distance:<2.5mm
Beam divergence (mrad) 6mrad
Beam mode (before optics) TE
Focus adjustable? Yes
Operating voltage(v)  DC=5V, 9V
Operating current (mA)  I<1000mA
Operating temperature(℃) 10℃~45℃
Storage temperature(℃) -10℃~50℃
Dimension  D16mm×L91mm;D26mm×L150mm
Expected lifetime (hours) 8000 hours
Warranty Period 180 days

Packing list: 1 ea 1470nm infrared laser line generator and 1 ea AC/DC adapter
Applications: precise infrared line measurement, infrared laser communication, spectrum analysis, and scientific research etc
Note: High power 1470nm infrared laser generates powerful infrared laser radiation and reflection, and causing thermal energy hurt to human eyes or retina. Please take laser safety measure and wear correct laser safety goggles so as to achieve free and secured line measurement constantly.

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