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Laser Pointer Problems in Winter

2015年6月22日月曜日 20時01分50秒 America/Los_Angeles

When laser pointer is in formal work, it always requires certain operating environment. Generally its acceptable operating temperature is range from 10 degree to 40 degree Celsius. Some special laser pointers might be workable under operation temperature with range level of 0-40 degree Celsius, or even lower operating temperature.

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Laser Safety Goggles and Laser Safety Window Guide

2015年6月2日火曜日 19時41分19秒 America/Los_Angeles

Laser safety goggles and laser safety windows are very important laser protection accessory parts, especially for operation of high powered lasers. Before making decision of selecting laser safety goggles or windows, users should know factors as below:

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Laser Pointers

2014年3月25日火曜日 7時18分41秒 America/Los_Angeles

Laser pointers are usually used as an eye-catching point in education, business presentation, and visual demonstrations.
1. Red laser pointer can be used in almost any indoor or low light situations, pointing out details by hand may be convenient.
2. Green laser pointer can be used for astronomy enthusiasts

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