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Red Laser Line Pointer

2016年6月30日木曜日 2時21分07秒 America/Los_Angeles

When red laser module is equipped with qualified line emitting lens, such as glass cylindrical lens or separate crystal lens, it forms into an industrial stabilized red laser line pointer. According to the configuration of wide laser lens degree of 10 to 110 degree, this laser line module generates different laser beam fan angle, forming into various line length and line thickness in distance. It is also accepting customized manufacturing, which can fulfill the most precise line alignment and measurement in all precise device manufacturing works efficiently.

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Varieties of Laser Pointers

2015年7月1日水曜日 18時19分34秒 America/Los_Angeles

Early laser pointer only uses 633nm helium-neon (HeNe) gas laser, typically for generating power of not exceeding 1mW laser beam. The cheapest laser pointer uses near 670nm/650nm dark red laser diode. Slightly more expensive laser pointer uses 635nm red laser diode, with near orange red color laser light. 635nm wavelength is much more easily recognized by human eyes. At the same time, there are other colors of laser pointers, the most common is the wavelength of 532nm green laser pointer.

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Top 10 Problems of Laser Pointers

2015年6月23日火曜日 0時35分28秒 America/Los_Angeles

1. What is the difference from red laser and green laser?
Red laser gets wavelength of 635nm and 650nm, and green laser gets wavelength of 515nm, 520nm and 532nm. Different wavelength laser gets different color laser beam and light spot in operation.

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Laser Pointers

2014年3月25日火曜日 7時18分41秒 America/Los_Angeles

Laser pointers are usually used as an eye-catching point in education, business presentation, and visual demonstrations.
1. Red laser pointer can be used in almost any indoor or low light situations, pointing out details by hand may be convenient.
2. Green laser pointer can be used for astronomy enthusiasts

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