In various kinds of industrial line alignment work fields, low power 5mW green line laser module is always a highly recommended line measuring tool that is being used in high precision and high accuracy line positioning and line alignment on all desired working surfaces. This Class IIIa laser pointer adopts import 532nm green DPSS laser tech. It just makes the best use of the latest telecommunication laser manufacturing tech into current industrial laser devices production. Whenever this low power green line laser module is being used in industrial working fields, it just gets incomparable advantages than any other manual or mechanical line tools.

If you are still keeping your mind of making line generation with manual line tool, such as square meter, triangular board or blocking board, users would have to make manual line drawing or line printing. It is extremely hard to make sure of 100% accuracy line straightness. For close distance line projection, manual line tool is workable. However, when users are in need of high accuracy line generation, users would have to use laser tech applied 5mW green line laser module to fulfill the need. Without extra time consumption on prior line positioning, the noncontact green laser line is highly bright and visible for formal room working environment.

Once users are selecting 5mW green line laser module to make line alignment in precise machinery processing work, it is always very easy and convenient to operate. It adopts quite compact size design, with only 16mm diameter laser tube. In practical line projection, users can try to install it on any vertical or horizontal surfaces of all machine or devices. For instance, in precise cloth cutting work, this advanced laser line generator is able to provide a highly bright and visible green reference line for precise and accurate line positioning.

When users want to make line generation at 10cm working distance, the minimum line thickness is available at only 0.3mm. Among all visible lasers, 532nm green laser gets the best quality green line in special type of TEM00. As a result, even though 5mW green line laser module is being used at quite longer working distance, it is still efficient enough to ensure highly straight and highly fine green alignment laser line generation.

In order to make sure of good performance in continuous line alignment work, 5mW green line laser module always passes through quite strict test of laser beam stability and rapid electric adding. Together with internal part of constant current electric driving circuit, it can ensures stable green laser line positioning with high stability and high reliability. Only after users are obeying proper laser operation rule, this advanced green laser line generator just brings users quite satisfied line positioning efficiently.