Have you even fallen into serious need of clear and accurate dot measurement? In special working occasion of night version, it makes a good job with a long wavelength made device of 980nm infrared dot laser diode module. The special use of night version device has just assured high efficiency infrared laser light conversion, and highly clear and accurate infrared reference dot projection under night vision fields.
Owing to the use of an import 980nm infrared laser diode within 100mW to 500mW, being made with high photoelectric ability of up to 85%, after proper use of an external AC/DC adapter, this infrared dot laser diode module just assures high intensity infrared laser light emission. In various night vision IR dot measuring work fields, equipping with extending electric wires for both 980nm IR laser and DC power supply, it allows freely installed distance of 3 meters. Noncontact infrared laser dot can easy to reach any targeting surface, but also make sure of highly stable IR dot indication under any increasing temperature and serious electric current impact as well.
The usual design with 980nm infrared dot laser diode module pays high attention to beam stability in constant use. The adoption of metal heat sink cooling system gets excellent thermal emitting. Being equipped with 16mm and 26mm diameter tube, after enough space leaving for tube cooling down, it achieves good thermal conductivity, and increasing stability of at least 40% than formal laser pointers. Whatever output power it is selecting, 980nm infrared laser assures easy installation, and easy IR dot indication onto any vertical or horizontal surface effectively.
Any time infrared laser light is not visible to human eyes, the use of 980nm infrared dot laser diode module should be operating with basic laser safety issue. Whatever output power it is selecting, it is a necessity to avoid eye exposure to beam aperture and wear correct 980nm wavelength preventing laser safety goggles. In formal night vision dot measuring work, it always makes quite satisfied dot measuring results for a large variety of application fields, including military targeting, night hunting, infrared laser sight, surveillance and intelligence system etc. Whatever kind of working surface it is pointing, after its proper mounting onto night version device and proper adjustment of laser beam focus, infrared laser module achieves the easiest and the most accurate IR dot indication under all night version fields.