From the very beginning design of 473nm blue DPSS laser system, accruing to process of 646nm double to 473nm, it is always generating highly bright and visible blue laser light from beam aperture. Unless the use of scientific research and special work fields, only a few of engineers and lab would have to choose this type of expensive and large dimension made 473nm blue laser. On consideration of reducing production cost and getting even more stable blue laser light source, a low product cost made and direct diode emission 445nm blue laser diode module has just flowing into laser market. It is providing more stable and reliable blue laser dot source for a lot of presentation and alignment work fields.

How to get a 473nm Blue DPSS laser?

473nm blue DPSS laser
The production difficulty of 473nm blue DPSS laser system is much higher than formally used 532nm green DPSS laser system. 532nm green laser is getting conversion from 1064nm laser via a laser crystal. However, the production of 473nm series blue laser is getting even more complex generation process. The 808nm laser is converted into a 946nm laser by a laser crystal. It is getting even higher laser optical consumption, not easy to get ideal laser light source as expected. Unless it is used for special application fields, such as collimation, laser medical treatment, optical instrument, Confocal Microscopy etc.

How to get a 445nm blue laser diode module?

Direct diode emission device of 445nm blue laser diode module emits less brightness blue laser light from an inner 445nm blue laser diode. Formal low power laser gets output power of 50mW, 80mW and 100mW, and high power output power range of 150mW to 500mW. However, being made with 16mm, 18.9mm and 26mm diameter anodized aluminum alloy housing tube, it gets featured advantages of ultra compact structure, long lifetime, good laser beam stability, low cost and easy operation etc.

Being made with external AC/DC adapter as electric power source and inner metal heat sink cooling system, this 445nm blue laser diode module is getting sufficient thermal emitting, and good laser beam stability within constant dot aligning time of 8 to 10 hours per day. In those of industrial and high tech dot aligning work fields, it is providing highly visible blue laser light source for scientific research, laser show, laser displaying, laser communication, and mixed laser light source etc.