Are you looking for an easy operating and efficient cross line measuring device? If you are not sure which type of cross line device can be used, it is a good choice for users to try wide wavelength covered cross line laser modules. Within wide range of 405nm to 1470nm, covering violet, blue, green, red, and invisible infrared crosshair laser, Berlin Lasers will help you understand what laser to use and how they can help you in real cross line alignment works.

On basis of real work distance, lighting occasion, required cross line length, and fineness, it is a necessity for our laser engineer to make basic measurement and experiment of provided technical data, and then gets recommended output power, laser color (wavelength), and laser fan angle. There is no need for users to worry about how to get a proper cross line laser correctly. Berlin Laser is professional supplier of various type of output power and wavelength made laser devices.

What is a cross line laser?
A cross line laser is a professional measuring device which is able to project two perpendicular laser lines with accurate 90 degrees at the same time. It gets a bit more complex laser light source while comparing with dot or line laser. It enables users to make precise horizontal and vertical coordinates of the projects, brings users easy, quick response and high efficiency cross line alignment as expected.

How does a cross line laser work?
A cross line laser is evolved with vertical and horizontal lines of beam aperture, which gets similar laser light as a laser line module. Being made with qualified glass coated lens with different fan angles of 10, 15 and 110 degree, it projects different dimension and high linear quality two perpendicular laser lines. It enables proper use of output power and optic lens degree made glass coated lens, thus getting ideal cross line aligning result.

What are advantages of cross line laser?
Not spending extra time on battery change or prior cross line drawing or printing work, the use of cross line laser is efficient and quick, which also gets no limitation of manual labor force input. On basis of cross line accuracy, work distance and other occasion, typically users are able to adopt 445nm blue laser, 515nm or 532nm green laser, 635nm and 65nm red lasers, 808nm and 980nm infrared lasers.

Being made with ultra compact structure, configured with good thermal emitting system and APC, ACC driving circuit board, cross line laser enables easy mounting onto industrial device, good laser beam stability, long lasting cross line alignment. Berlin lasers guarantees all laser modules available with average output power and the most reliable after sale services.

What is the application of cross line laser?
A cross line laser is usually used for textile garment processing works, such as laser alignment for screen printing embroidery, heat transfer machine etc. It is also an essential part of building construction and manufacturing fields, applicable for aligning electric fixtures, cable trays, floor joists and tilling panels etc. Not relying on any manual labor force input, it is the best solution for users to improving working efficiency and reducing production cost for all precise cross line alignment works.