Green diode laser is projecting green spectral regions, roughly covering wide wavelength range of 500nm to 570nm, including 505nm, 515nm, 520nm. It is a laser diode that uses semiconductors, not the same as formally used 532nm green DPSS laser system. Direct diode based green laser diode module and green laser pointer are offering high level of laser beam stability, low noise, and high modulation etc.

Green laser pointer with 515nm, 520nm wavelength laser diode is mainly used for presentation, surveying, and moving projecting work etc. After special configuration with constant power source supply or inner configured battery power source, industrial applied green diode laser is also getting good performance in alignment fields. It provides excellent green laser light source for industrial precise dot alignment, biological, laser medical therapy device, laser pumping, and scientific research work etc.

Unlike formal red or infrared lasers, green diode laser gets even more visible laser light emission, and less light spread. It enables even longer distance laser light projecting under use of same output power, and better laser light use under higher lighting occasion. It gets a bit higher price, however, under consideration of laser beam stability, performance and work efficiency, it is widely acceptable in current industrial and high tech work fields greatly.

Among all diode lasers, 505nm, 515nmm, 520nm green diode lasers are the newest laser diodes. It is not any longer limited for the use of quite low power of 1mW, 5mW. After special designed inner metal heat sink inside high duration anodized aluminum alloy housing tube, within 5mW to 100mW, it enables good thermal emitting, and long lasting green laser light emission. The special use of separate metal heat sink is applied for high power green diode lasers up to 150mW to 200mW. In wide range application fields, it is the most powerful laser device, which enables long distance extending green laser light projection.

Green diode laser gets featured advantages of less laser light spread, more powerful laser light focusing, even longer distance green laser light reaching, and less power consumption. Any laser light spread under sunlight cannot be observing by human eyes, thus it still should be working without such occasion. On basis of real operating distance, lighting occasion, and lasting time, it can be freely chosen with correct output power. The ultra compact and durable metal housing tube design just allows easy installation and operation, and achieves high level of accuracy and high speed measurement for multiple uses.