What is a red laser module?

A red laser module emits visible red laser light at a special wavelength in the visible optical spectrums, typically available with different wavelengths of 635nm, 650nm, 660nm. It is a solid state laser diode made laser device. Red laser light is generating via current across semiconducting material and releasing photons.
It enables wide range output power of 1mW to 1000mW in formal type of laser module type, and even higher output power in type of larger dimension diode laser type. It is designed and manufactured variously depending on the specific applicants. On basis of real need in different occasions, it can also be made into continuous wave, pulsed output power, modulated for those of OEM lasers etc, which gets narrow line width.

What type of red laser module can be made?

Berlinlasers supplies a lot of red laser modules in multiple types, covering wide range of wavelength of 635nmm, 638nm, 648nm, 650nm, 655nm, 658nm, 660nm, 670nm, 680nm, 685nm. It also gets different package type of simple laser diode, red laser pointer, dot, line, cross projecting red laser module, high power red diode laser etc. On basis of real presentation need, it is also being made into single mode, multi mode, fiber coupled laser devices, allows multiple packaging options and integrations for even more application fields.

What is a red laser module used for?

red laser module applicationsAmong all visible optical spectrums, red laser diode gets the longest developing history and mass production, thus the finished production of red laser module available with the most reliable performance, the most competitive price and the widest use. It is appearing in numerous laser products and technology. Besides its formal presentation use as a red laser pointer, it also makes good job for industrial use and high tech.
On basis of correct use of output power, red laser module is performing well for precise measurement for experimental spectrum analysis, physics and medical experiment, security technology, industrial used laser light for dot, line, cross line alignment work etc.

Caution with red laser module

In those of industrial and scientific research work fields, high power red laser module up to 50mW is used. It projects long distance visible and intense red laser beam with long extending distance, however, it also projects serious thermal energy, which might cause thermal hurt to human eyes, especially retina.
It is a necessity to avoid eye exposure to laser beam aperture at close distance. For long time measuring, presentation and positioning work, it is important to choose a proper laser safety goggles so as to maintain secured and free use of red laser light source constantly.