New technology development has brought workers a lot of convenience to pursue high productivity and low production cost. So does screen printing work. A specially designed and quality approval laser alignment system for screen printing just enables you to make the most efficient line targeting and positioning on working surfaces. It is just greatly workable to reduce set-up time, moderate working productivity, reduce energy and raw material consumption.

A genuine laser alignment system is greatly workable for onsite operators. The clearly visible laser line generator can greatly improve skills of operators with screen printing and embroidery, heat transfer etc. The accurate alignment line just improves product output exactly.

Laser alignment system for screen printing is workable for accurate dot, line and cross alignment in textile processing.
When operators use red or green laser line projected alignment laser in the field of screen printing, it just makes positioning of panels and garments easily and conveniently. The laser line generator is also workable for accurate indications of pockets, seams, plackets, and collars before printing process. On condition of dark garment, it just makes quite easy and clear printing on dark garments.

The best application of laser alignment system is multiple embellishments of garments and other substrates. Consuming the time operators have spent on manual alignment on each garment, especially there is deadlines of garment finishing, it is especially important to adopt this advanced laser line alignment tool in order to fulfill high efficient printing of garments.

For instance, when an operator finds the printing art he is in charge is very hard to finish, or seriously his finish printing art is not correct, but it just waste a lot of time and cost on meaningless work. This kind of condition might frequently happen in any possible work of garment printing. As a result, textile printing factory just choose a more flexible line targeting tool, while laser alignment system is just a quite wonderful solution to finished screening printing work.

Screen printing always exist a lot of change, mistake, or occasions. However, laser alignment system just solves the problem perfectly. When customers have found some mistake on textile printing, or need some moderation, this advanced laser alignment tool has just assured the need of flexibility of the substrate and the registration in need.

On basis of different pattern printing is in need, laser alignment system for printing screen is just seriously designed with center dot, line and cross for cross hair printing. The utilization of laser alignment tool is extremely according to the demand of the job.

screen printing laser alignment system

On condition of pocket printing, cross line laser alignment is just the best served measuring tool. In other cases, such as textile cutting work, red laser line is just providing professional instruction for cloth cutting, line positioning for garments. A dot will be helpful in the registration when combining medias such as embossing, embroidery or screen printing etc.

Laser alignment system with proper selection of targeting dot, line or cross can fulfill different printing screen need in textile processing work. It has just got featured superiority as below:
●Reduce processing material waste
●Reduce set-up times
●Increase finished product output and improve productivity
●Reduce skills of workers and production cost

The marvelous selection of laser alignment system for printing screening can greatly increase productivity of textile production. It just reduces relying on skills of operators. Complying with the most quality import laser diode and glass cylindrical lens, any one of dot, line or cross generating laser alignment system is just efficient enough to provide workers the best instruction for screen printing.