Among a large variety of visible laser devices, green and red laser line generators are the most commonly used line guiding and line alignment tool for a lot of raw material lumber milling and cutting works. Using a highly straight red or green reference line increases your line positioning accuracy and improve productivity greatly.

The simple reliance on your own experience for cutting raw material is not precise enough in the modern industrial wood, garment, stone, and other raw material processing positioning works any longer. What is the best solution for the user to confirm the best cutting line at the correct place? It is just a necessity to install an industrial laser line generator to project a highly straight and fine reference line ahead of the cutting edge of the lumber machine.

Displaying the precise cutting line might not limit by the manual labor force and without mistakes caused by manual operation. A highly bright green or red laser line is helping you a lot to make the most precise cutting line on the wood. According to Easy rotate the angle to make a perfect center line for lumber machine cutting work. In various industrial wood processing fields, a laser line generator is always installed as an accessory part to increase line-cutting accuracy and production capacity of wood processing works.

What type of laser line generator can you choose for different occasions?

515nm, 532nm green, 635nm, 650nm, and 660nm red laser line generators are the most commonly chosen line laser alignments. Under operation with the same output power and lighting occasion, the 532nm green laser projects the most visible and the brightest line aligning source in use.

On the basis of different lighting occasions, and work distances, the red laser gets the most competitive price and applies for inner room working environments and close distances. Owing to its low production cost and stable performance, a lot of factories would prefer to choose it.

For special high lighting and long-distance lumber milling and cutting works, a green laser line generator projects a highly straight and ultra-fine green reference line., It enables a low power range of 5mW to 100mW, and high power of 150mW and 200mW for higher lighting occasions outside, such as semi-outdoor and longer distance use.

What are the featured advantages of lumber cutting using a laser line generator?

Ultra-durable and compact anodized aluminum alloy housing tube design, available with 16mm, 18.9, and 26mm diameter tubes, allows users to make easy carry, operation, and installation so as to make an easy and quick response laser cutting line in front of the lumber machine.

The specially designed adjustable focus optic lens allows users to make freely adjusted laser line fineness and laser line projecting directions. According to the easy rotation of laser line angle or direction to make the best line cutting position for a lumber mill.
Together with lumber milling and cutting work, a laser line generator enables long-lasting and constant green or red laser line projection as a cutting line. It greatly improves lumber mill efficiency and accuracy.