460nm blue laser is emitting the most charming sapphire laser beam on the earth. It is totally different from 473nm blue laser. It is just emitting the most special blue laser beam from finished 460nm blue laser diode. This laser diode made laser pointer can be easily designed with portable pen design.
460nm blue laser has much shorter development than 473nm blue laser, but its special laser beam emitting from 460nm blue laser diode has made it make more stable and reliable beam emitting in use. But this laser pointer is beginning to be accepted by a lot of laser fans and amateurs. It can always bring great applications for those of high tech applied working fields.
Blue laser 460nm is made superior advantages of near TEM00, thus making a full round blue light spot. It gets featured advantages of long serving lifetime, low production cost and easy operation.
The pure and sapphire 460nm blue laser is greatly workable in laser projection, stage lighting, biomedical applications, metrology, laser displaying, laser interference, laser detection and laser medical etc. It always adopts air cooling system, which is able to ensure its perfect blue laser beam emitting stably and reliably.

Caution with 460nm blue laser:
Laser beam is seriously hazard to human eyes. Never try to point blue laser pointer direction to eyes. Any kind of powerful laser beam up 30mW expulsion to retina might cause permanent blind. Please wear laser safety goggles to make perfect protection of eyes cautiously.
Keep blue laser far away from child, and prevent danger caused by laser abuse. Take battery off from laser pointer while no use of it.
Berlinlasers only sells Class IIIa 1mW and 5mW blue laser pointers with FDA and CE approval. Whatever time users are pointing such laser for entertainment or high tech applied, laser safety is just major concern.