Berlin Lasers guarantees qualified dot, line and cross hair generating alignment laser for various alignment applications. Our alignment laser pointer, laser line generator and cross line generators are being used in various alignment systems on the earth.

If you are not quite familiar with laser alignment applications, please follow the instructions below:

What type of laser light pattern available?
Dot, Line, Cross Hair generating alignment laser selections
There are wide selection of dot, line and cross hair generating laser alignments. In order to obtain high level of accuracy alignment, glass coated cylindrical lens and import laser diodes are being applied on production. Qualified laser alignment can obtain more than 40% stable performance and longer serving lifetime.

What type of technical data is in need for laser alignment selection?
●Before selection of laser line generator or cross hair generators, working distance, line length and line thickness are in need. For commonly dot projecting laser, laser light spot diameter is in need.
●Working distance concerns exact distance from laser beam emitting hole to targeting surface. Using the fan angle calculator or the laser line length calculator to determine laser fan angle or required laser line length at desired targeting distance.


What color laser alignment should I choose?
●650nm and 650nm red lasers are recommended for usual laser alignment applications. On condition of long working distance or high brightness, 532nm green laser with high beam visibility is just the choice. 532nm green laser is just emitting the most visible and the most sensitive beam, can be easiest absorbed by human eyes.
●650nm red laser is regarded as the most economic alignment choice for dot, line and cross generation.
●532nm green laser gets the best alignment with highest level of accuracy and precision.

What applications might be laser alignment workable?
●Dot projecting lasers: providing accurate dot instruction for laser marking, laser engraving, textile processing, button positioning etc.
●Laser line generator: great line measuring tool workable for precise machinery processing, boat building, textile screen printing, garment making, wood, metal, stone, and steel board processing, car wheel alignment, laser cutting etc.
●Cross hair projecting laser alignment: accurate and precise cross line positioning in mechanical metal sheet line marking, cutting machine, SMT/PCB screen printing positioning, medical equipment for CT/CB and magnetic resonance imaging lesions, cross-hair template locations, textile garment positioning, car wheel alignment etc.

Laser alignment tool is providing noncontact and direction dot, line and crosshair positioning on various targeting surfaces at desired distance. This compact designed alignment laser tool allows easy and convenient installation on any required machine or devices vertically or horizontally.

● Easy and convenient installation, adjustment and operation
● Improving working efficiency
● Reduce labor input and save time cost
● Improve working accuracy and improve productivity

Accessory parts of alignment laser:

What else can I choose?
● Power supply
Dedicated DC input power supply adopts International universal power interface standard (5.5 * 2.1mm). Most of power can be generic, effective reduce cost.

● Mounting bracket:
Laser alignment mounting bracket gets features of perfect heating conductivity and flexibility. It allows easy mounting of laser alignment on any vertical or horizontal surfaces. 360 degrees free adjustment helps users obtain the best alignment result.