There are a wide variety of laser pointers available on the market, however, green laser pointer with central wavelength of 532nm is a favorite gadget for astronomy research, stargazing, constellation observation etc. Astronomy laser pointers are very helpful for those of astronomy professionals and amateurs.

Even though there are 635nm and 650nm red laser, 532nm green laser, 405nm blue violet laser, and 460nm blue laser, however, human eyes are especially sensitive to 532nm wavelength green light. As a result, low powered 1mW and 5mW green laser pointers are frequently used in various astronomy activities.

Majority of laser pointers on civil market are exclusively adopting laser diode because of its compact design, low threshold voltage, safe and low cost. For instance, red laser pointer utilizes 635nm red laser diode, a collimator lens group by a highly collimated parallel to the light exit. Green laser pointers commonly uses 1064nm infrared laser diode by KDP crystal frequency to produce 532nm green laser, producing high parallelism green laser light after infrared filters and collimating lens group shot.

Green Laser Pointer for Stargazing

Laser has a high coherence, high directivity and high brightness. Due to its good collimation combined strong sensitivity to green light, green laser pointer therefore is especially suitable for stargazing. Human eyes in dark environment can reach the field where laser beam reaches. Laser beam width and divergence angle are associated with laser beam monochromatic, focal length of collimating lens group and aperture diameters. The better the monochromatic is (smaller spectral width), the better collimation can be achieved.

In general, civil laser diode spectral width is wider than other type of laser devices. The longer the focal length of the collimator lenses of laser pointers, the wider the beam width. Green laser pointer with bigger collimation lens group can get better beam alignment in stargazing.

Star and constellation locator

Green laser pointer can be mounted on the star finder adjustment bracket and adjust the laser beam and coaxial with the tube. Green laser pointer can be easily used as a substitute finder scope. Green laser pointer finder is very easy and intuitive, can perfectly finish task for polar finder and coarse.