Without constant work on development of industrial stabilized laser device, there would be no process on how to project a laser line. A laser line module is getting modified laser light in type of a highly straight reference line, rather than a simple dot from a laser pointer or dot laser module device. When certain electrons are stimulated, it gives off laser beam light. The optic lens collects laser light and point it in one direction, forming into a highly straight and fine reference line on working surface.

Various violet, blue, green, red or infrared laser beams are projected from laser beam aperture. Reference lines are achieved by passing the beam through a glass cylindrical lens or Powell lens. It is enough to select formal glass cylindrical lens to achieve moderate accuracy line alignment. Especially in need of the most accurate line alignment in distance, Powell lens laser line generator projects non Gaussian distribution beam, forming into the finest and the most straight reference line in distance. Laser line keeps high uniformity and fineness, also ensuring no appearance of laser light decay or dim in continuous work.

Usually within selected optic lens of 10 to 110 degree, laser line module is projecting various line length and line thickness, fulfilling high level of accuracy line alignment for multiple application fields, including diffractive beam splitter, image processing, 3D scanner, laser cutting, sand milling, laser scanning, and PIV measurement etc. After easy screw of front adjustable cylindrical lens, laser line alignment tool allows temporary laser light concentration, forming into super fine reference line for all line aligning application fields efficiently.

Each laser line device is being made with inner thermal emitting system and APC, ACC driving circuit board, ensuring constant output power supply and the most stable reference line projection from beam aperture. Under continuous line alignment within 8 to 10 hours per day, within enough time leaving for laser module tube cooling down, it ensures the best laser light cycling use and long serving lifetime in use.