Industrial laser line generator gets very special applications in mechanical processing works. It is not the same as a very simple light spot for formal presentation use, on contrary, it is workable for clear and accurate line alignment in those of industrial inspection works. According to its special equipment of glass cylindrical lens or separate crystal lens, when laser lens degree is available from 5 degree to 110 degree, alignment laser line source is just fulfilling various kinds of line length and line thickness required line positioning works easily and efficiently.

The emitting light of industrial laser line generator is much more complex than simple light spot generating laser pointer or laser diode module. It gives up the selection of plastic coated lens so as to avoid laser beam dim or decay in continuous line measuring operations. Inside the tube of laser line generator, it employs qualified glass cylindrical lens or separate crystal lens. Both lenses are efficient enough to keep super high linear quality of line laser alignment tool.

In process of constant line alignment work, industrial laser line generator is in serious need of high stability and high reliability. From its beginning design and manufacturing in lab, laser tech engineers have selected import laser diode and import laser lenses, also paying special attention to thermal emitting system. Even though laser line generator is finishing its production, there is still more than 24 hours continuous laser beam stability test. In the following process of laser line alignment work, it is just keeping super stable performance.

It is hard job for users to get none mistake line measurement out of your hand reaching or even longer distance. However, the application of industrial laser line generator has just perfectly overcome this problem. It is just regarded as the best solution for working occasions where highest accuracy and precision line measuring task in need. This laser line module is customized designed with the best work distance of 3 meters, however, laser line targeting can be workable at even longer distance.

Under condition that industrial laser line generator is available with various visible and invisible laser wavelengths, and wide range laser lens degree, users just need to choose the correct output power and laser lens degree. It can also be easily installed on industrial device, generating a highly straight and super fine laser line clearly and accurately. This industrial alignment laser line tool cannot be used the same as a laser pointer, but should be used by skilled person or professionals.