On basis of longer wavelength 808nm or 980nm infrared laser diode, equipped with line emitting lens in type of glass cylindrical lens or separate crystal les, infrared laser line module is manufactured to provide users clear and straight IR laser line alignment under all night vision illumination work fields.

The generating infrared laser beam from internal 808nm or 980nm IR laser diode is invisible to human eyes, thus infrared laser line module is being used as an accessory part of night observing device. Designed with very compact structure with diameter of 16mm and 26mm laser tube, infrared laser module is very convenient and carry in any industrial laser line alignment work. When this infrared line laser is being used as an accessory part, it is very easy to be installed on infrared camera, black and white CCD camera, or micro night vision system.

Infrared laser line module is always applicable for more than 8 hours continuous infrared laser line positioning. It gets super wide range output power from 5mW to 500mW, while maximum IR laser line alignment distance can be extended as long as 100 meters to 1000 meters in distance. This infrared laser module is a focusable beam line measuring tool, no special requirement of users, it gets the formal focus distance of 10cm. In addition, this infrared laser line generator accepts customized production on basis of laser wavelength, output power, laser beam fan angle, power supply etc.

This direct diode emission infrared laser line module is always getting much more stable and reliable line alignment performance than any other DPSS laser systems. Under formal laser measuring rules, although infrared laser line targeting is workable 24 hours, however, laser light might become dim after very longer time lasting. The maximum IR line aligning should be controlled within 8 hours, and then cooling down so as to make infrared laser module recover its recycling use of IR laser light, reducing possibility of laser light decay in constant line targeting work.

When infrared laser line module gets extremely high photoelectric transmittance, intense and powerful thermal energy might also be produced during continuous IR laser line alignment work. Eye explosion to powerful IR laser light might cause temporary eye damage or blind, thus users should wear infrared laser safety goggles so as to get secured IR line positioning safely. Under condition users are paying attention to working environment, a correct power selected infrared laser module gets quite satisfied IR line aligning and surveillance result efficiently.