After perfect equipment with qualified glass coated lens, 532nm green cross laser module always obtains the most complex and modifying laser light in special pattern of two perpendicular lines with accurate 90 degrees. Under operation with middle wavelength among all visible optic spectrums, this 532nm green DPSS tech applied laser device generates the most easily absorbed green laser light and lowest beam divergence green laser beam. Unless operation under sunlight, either selected from low power and high power, it fulfills the need of high accuracy line alignment for both long distance and high lighting.

The special use of qualified glass coated lens makes green cross laser module different from formal quality lasers. Instead of plastic coated lens, it is always keeping high linear quality and high transmittance green vertical and horizontal lines projection. Either it used for long time or long distance, it is still keeping highly stable performance, without any worrying about laser light decay or blur in continuous work. Selected from 10, 15 and 110 degree, it generates different cross line lengths. Usually cross laser alignment with correct output power and optic lens degree enhances measuring accuracy and accelerates raw material processing works.

The adoption of green cross laser module allows output power selection ranges of 5mW to 100mW, and high power up to 200mW. The specially configured inner cooling system and APC, ACC driving circuit board makes perfect protection of laser tube temperature, and enables extremely stable beam stability up to 80% under continuous cross line targeting. After easy screw of adjustable cylindrical lens makes the most rapid green laser light concentration, making sure of easily adjusted line thickness so as to fulfill highly accurate measurement on multiple targeting surfaces and various work distances.